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How To Send A Sample


    How to send a sample

    Contact our Customer Support team at +1 (514) 669-3869 or for specific instructions.

    Completed requisition forms for the different tests must accompany all samples. For assistance in completing these forms please contact our customer support or the laboratory.

    Instructions for sample transportation to the laboratory:

    CAN_M_A_001_EN_v1.0_Sample Transportation Reception and Handling - Annex I_Page_1

    • Unlabelled, mislabelled or damaged samples will not be accepted.
    • Samples not accompanied by the relevant “Test Requisition Form” will not be processed.
    • The report for samples accompanied by an incomplete “Test Requisition Form” will not be released until the form is completed. When the ambient temperature outside exceeds 35°C please contact the laboratory for further instructions on how to send the samples.

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