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Pioneers in reproductive genetics



  • Igenomix Canada is a medical testing laboratory specializing in reproductive genetic services.
  • The laboratory is affiliated to Igenomix SL, a global company with headquarters in Valencia, Spain and a growing number of affiliates worldwide.
  • Our broad experience and qualifications make us one of the global leaders in the field.
  • The constant efforts we make in R&D, overseen by Dr. Carlos Simón, enable us to create and develop specific tools and solutions to support professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.

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We offer high quality services in reproductive genetic diagnosis with two objectives: patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Our mission is to increase pregnancy success and deliver healthy babies through high quality testing.

  • A pioneering team - Highly qualified experts support the work of professionals in reproductive medicine.
  • Clinical experience - We emphasize our agility and speed in queries, reports and results.
  • IGENOMIX employs the most advanced technology with a complete, standardized and convenient diagnosis system for patients.
  • R&D - Research and continuous innovation make us an international reference.
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